Interested in trading avocados?

Are you interested in expanding your avocado export market? Contact Lehmann & Troost to discuss the possibilities in the international market. 

International Avocado Suppliers, We are looking for you!

Are you interested in expanding your avocado export market? Avocado is a product in high demand. To meet the needs of the market, we are looking for international suppliers in the production of avocado.

Contact Lehmann & Troost to discuss the possibilities in the international market. Lehmann & Troost is a trustworthy international operating trading company. Read on to find out what we can offer you as an avocado supplier and where we are looking for. 

Avocado Suppliers Wanted: Tap into a Growing European Market!

The demands for avocados are soaring, and we need you to meet the needs of a growing market. Are you a grower of avocados and ready to sell your product into the international market? We would be interested to get in touch with you.

The race for quality has no finish line

First, it is important that your avocado meet the European Union’s quality standards. Which include factors such as size, ripeness, colour, and absence of defects. 

The race for quality has no finish line, we strive to do business with high quality suppliers. 

Other requirements of trading in avocados

Beside the quality of the avocados, are subject as Food Safety Regulations and accurate and complete documentation important. 

During an introduction meeting, we will discuss the needs to do business with us. 

Trading with Lehmann & Troost: Your Path to Success!

The avocado supply chain offers abundant opportunities for ambitious suppliers. Partner with us to access valuable resources, connect with potential buyers, and streamline your avocado distribution network.

Are you struggling to Find Reliable Avocado Buyers? 

Don’t waste time searching for buyers. Lehmann & Troost operates in trading fruit and vegetables in the international market for decades. 

We connect you with a fast network of potential customers eager to purchase your avocados.

Managing Supply Chain Complexities of your Avocado production

Simplify your supply chain management with our expert guidance. Optimize logistics, reduce inefficiencies, and ensure timely delivery of your avocados. 

We provide you with our expertise in the market and will help you to optimize the supply chain to the European market. 

Overwhelmed by International Export Processes

Expanding to international markets can be daunting. We assist you in navigating export regulations and making your mark on the global stage. Partner up with us and you can focus on producing Avocados instead of selling them. 

Get in contact with sales Reach out to our sales team

Interested in Trading? 

Get in contact with us. Yoran is responsible for the contact with avocado supplies. You can reach him via the following contact information. 

📞: +31 (0)6 86893053

Fill in the form if you are interested in trading. By filling in the form, Yoran will contact you to discuss the possibilities in trading avocados.

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