Import and export business in Turkish Vine Tomatoes

Lehmann & Troost and the tomato trade in Turkey go a long way back. Years ago, we saw potential in this market and over the years we have built a solid foundation here in terms of purchasing and sales. We even set up our own label, for instance. In the article below, we reflect on what we do in this market, how we do it and why. 

Lehmann & Troost reliable trading partner Turkish vine tomatoes

Lehmann & Troost is a reliable partner in tomato trading in Turkey. It distinguishes itself from competitors for the following reasons: 

  • Yearly sales guarantee, even when European production is in full swing
  • Financial security guaranteed to be paid on time
  • Short lines of communication through employees in Turkey and a direct contact person in the Netherlands
  • Huge network of buyers, even outside Europe we ensure that your production arrives at its destination.
  • No worries about logistics planning, we arrange the transport on your behalf 
  • Efficient transport directly to the customer, to keep transit time to the minimum as possible

Annual sales guarantee – what does this mean? 

At Lehmann & Troost, we guarantee purchase of production throughout the year. What are the advantages of all of this? The biggest advantage is that we remain loyal to our suppliers even in the months when European tomato production is in full swing. Our view of the market is that we act together. In good times and bad, you can count on Lehmann&Troost b.v.

International network of customers

By keeping our sights wide and not just focusing on the European sales market, we go for the best deal for your product. We are open to change and dare to go off the beaten track to achieve the best for the product. Does this mean a sales area outside Europe? No problem, with our years of experience, we count on successful sales clearance. Working harder than the competition to achieve the best deal for the product, this is what we stand for. 

Moreover, we have built warm relationships in the more than 65 years of our business existence. Throughout the world, we have fruit and vegetable trading partners. This ensures an international network we can count on. Do you partner with us in tomato trading? Then we want the best for the product, and you can count on our international connections to achieve the best deal for the product. 

Financial security

One of our core values is reliability. Without trust, it is not possible to trade with each other. This means we stick to the financial agreements we make together. You can count on transparent communication and most importantly, a financial settlement as agreed and on time.

Efficient cooperation

Over the years, we have developed as a leading player within Turkish market. Years ago, we saw the potential in this area. We invested in this. This is reflected in having two Turkish employees on site. The advantage for the Turkish tomato supplier is that it is always possible to communicate in your own language. Moreover, we have a permanent contact person at the office in Waddinxveen. Being able to work on location in your own language and having a fixed contact person ensures efficient cooperation. This ensures fast, flawless and clear cooperation. 

Logistical planning, with an eye for the product

Doing what you do best is the most efficient way to do business. This means that we take on the logistical planning of shipping the products. As a supplier, you don’t have to worry about this. If you ensure the best quality of the products, we will ensure the most efficient way of transportation. 

Thus, we always choose what is best for the product. We deliver directly from supplier to customer Why do we choose this? We aim to deliver the product optimally fresh to the customer.

In short, over the years we have built a good foundation for successful trade in Turkish vine tomatoes. We are looking for new trading partners in the field of Turkish vine tomatoes. Are you interested? Then definitely contact our sales team.

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