Wat doet een kwaliteitscontroleur? Binnen de AGF is een kwaliteitscontroleur enorm belangrijk. In onze onderstaande blog leggen we je precies uit wat een kwaliteitscontroleur doet.

A day as a Quality Controller at Lehmann & Troost 

A day in the life of an AGF quality controller. Fresh produce creates challenges when it comes to ensuring quality and safety standards. Quality control plays an essential role in our company. Without quality control, it is impossible to determine the quality of fruit and vegetables and satisfy our customers. In the blog below, we elaborate on the role of a quality controller in AGF. We highlight the responsibilities of a quality controller.

The role of a quality controller in the fresh produce industry.

Quality control is a crucial part of the fresh produce industry as it ensures that the food we consume is safe and meets the quality standards set by the industry and customer requirements.

Ensuring food safety and quality standards

Food safety and quality control are paramount in the job of a QC. The role of the quality controller is to check that the quality of the product is as agreed. At Lehman & Troost, you carry out inspection after transport and storage of fresh produce. As a quality controller, you inspect and analyse freshness, ripeness, degree of contamination, mould and other factors that may affect the products, among other things.

The tasks of a quality controller in the AGF sector 

What exactly are the tasks of a quality controller in the fruit and vegetable trade? As a QC controller, you pay attention to the following points: 

  • Does the product meet industry standards?
  • Does the product have the right temperature? If the temperature is too high, the product may spoil quickly and if it is too low, the product may freeze and be damaged.
  • Is the required documentation in place?
  • Is the quality of packaging in order? This should prevent products from being damaged during transport.  

When monitoring product quality, Quality Controllers also pay attention to changes in the environment, such as temperature and humidity. These factors can affect the quality of the products and must therefore be closely monitored.

Identifying and solving problems is also an important task of Quality Controllers. For example, if there is a problem with a particular product, they must act quickly to prevent the problem from spreading and affecting other products.

Finally, Quality Controllers must also report on their findings and make recommendations to improve quality. This may involve improving quality control procedures or adjusting requirements for suppliers and growers.

Quality Controllers play an important role in the fresh produce industry. They are responsible for ensuring the quality and safety of the food we consume and that the products meet the required standards. By monitoring, troubleshooting and preparing reports, they ensure the quality of fresh fruit and vegetable products.

Vacature Kwaliteitcontroleur

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